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Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to cover up Rustoleum Countertop Paint with Giani Granite Countertop Paint

The question of how to paint Giani over other types of countertop paint is becoming more frequent as this countertop category grows.

It is possible to paint Giani over other painted counters if they are sanded or de-glossed. You do not have to sand down to the original countertop, just rough up any type of top coat or epoxy with a fine grit (600 grit) sand paper. Remember to clean off any sanding dust.

Once this is done you can begin the steps of Giani- 1. Roll primer, 2. Sponge minerals, 3. Roll Top coat... and wallah! You will have a new shiny granite finish!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To Buy Giani Granite Paint for Countertops visit: Gianigranite.com

To Buy Giani Granite Paint for Countertops visit: Gianigranite.com
Here you will find many kits to choose from. You can also find a store directory for this Countertop paint that looks like granite!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to Apply Countertop Paint:

How to Paint your Countertop with Giani Granite


Before using GIANI  

 Prepare counte rtop surface and tape off before starting your GIANI™ granite fun! . . .

   No sanding required. Simply use household scouring pads – such as SOS®  or Brillo® to remove all grease, wax and dirt -     

   Do not use any other cleaners - Rinse with water and cloth at least twice - to remove all cleaner residue –

Use FrogTape® Painter’s Tape to stop bleed through on walls and cabinets -

  Tape two rows high above back splash to protect 

  Patch deep nicks & seams with

wood patch. Sand the patch smooth

   GIANI™ will cover thin scratches

   Remove any loose caulk - or

any silicone caulk and replace with paintable caulk

     Roll on Primer

    Note - apply Primer in small, three foot sections so the sections are still wet when they overlap -
   First, shake and stir the can well.
   Next, use the foam brush to paint a narrow, half-inch wide strip at the top and bottom of the backsplash in that section -         
    Now, use the roller to apply a thin coat of Primer to countertop. 
    Next, roll the primer onto your backsplash without re-wetting the roller because it ensures a thin coat.
   Now, move onto the next section so their overlap blends together while they’re wet.
   Once the Primer dries to the touch – which is typically in about one hour – you may go back and lightly re-roll any areas or spots you may have missed -
    Clean foam brush after using and throw away the used roller- 

Sponge on Giani Granite Countertop Mineral Paint


  Note - after Primer coat dries for eight hours – practice the upcoming fun Mineral step on your included Practice Poster Board!

   To apply Minerals, lightly sponge on all the Minerals in two foot sections -

    This allows your colors to mix while wet

   Sponge lightly because you can always go back and add more color – even after the colors dry! -     
     “Color on top of color adds depth”! –

    Apply colors in order

   Use final Mineral color lightly – because a little goes a long way

    Sponge very lightly on backsplash and edges to prevent runs.

    After Minerals have dried for a minimum of  
               four hours,
  Sand down any sharp peaks  created by sponging.      
   See  “sanding” option -

   Roll on Clear Topcoat for Countertops

  Watch the “Topcoating Tips” on the included Demo DVD - because a countertop application requires a little different technique than wall painting. or visit http://gianigranite.com/learnhowcountertoppaint.html
   To begin - use the foam brush and apply a narrow strip of Topcoat at the top and bottom of your backsplash in a section that’s about three feet wide.
    Next, use the roller and apply a very thin coat to your backsplash face in the section.  Make sure it’s very thin so it doesn’t run. 
    Next, apply the topcoat to the top of your countertop in the section.  Be sure to keep your roller wet – if it starts sounding dry, then re-wet it.
     Immediately after covering the countertop section, place your roller at one end of the section – and lightly roll across it - all the way to other end –  using one long, end-to-end roll stroke.
    Note - if you have a “water-fall” or sloping edge, then you may continue your roll stoke right over - and off the sloped edge -
    Next, repeat these single back rolls over entire section 
    Once you ‘back roll’ the section – do not re-roll that section again because it may create dry spots.
    Immediately after finishing the section  - move onto the next section so the overlap between your sections blend together while they’re wet.  
   Clean roller pad and dry.
   Wait 4 hours, apply 2nd coat. 3 coats - maximum.
    See more tips on topcoating on Page 3
  What You Can Paint . . .

1. Giani™ is designed to turn laminate, Formica®, Corian®, cultured marble, ceramic tile and wood – into the beauty of granite!  -  Not for sinks, tubs, flooring or shower floors.
2. Cultured marble, ceramic tile, and Corian® should be lightly sanded first with a very fine grit #600 silicon carbide sand paper.   Wood must be very smooth - or use MDF wood
3. Bare wood must be pre-primed before applying the Giani™ Primer - Apply the appropriate wood primer with a foam roller for ‘ultra smooth finishes’. 

Drying Times . . .   Note – all application times are minimums - you may wait longer . . .            

1.     Roll on one thin coat of Primer, then wait  8 hours
2.     Lightly sponge on all Minerals, then wait .4 hours
3.     Roll on first Clear Topcoat, then wait . 4 hours 
4.     Roll on your final Topcoat., then wait . . .
                      - 1 hour and carefully remove tape -  be sure to score the tape’s edge while pulling it up  
                      - 12 hours and apply clear acrylic caulk around sink’s rim to seal out water
        - one day before using your countertops and dishwasher
        - three days before setting small appliances back on your countertops  

        IMPORTANT – Giani Granite cures in 14 days at 77ยบ F and 50% relative humidity -  Lower
              temperatures and higher humidity will extend the curing time -   TIP – avoid standing water
              on your countertops -  especially for the first thirty days –

    Cleaning . . .  NEVER use harsh chemicals such as bleach or any abrasives such as Comet® or Soft Scrub®.  Never use scratchy pads.  ONLY use mild dish soap and water - or Giani™’ Cleaner. If food gets stuck on, lay warm wet cloth on it for few minutes and remove with cloth.  ALWAYS use cutting board.. . BE SURE to use a hot pad under your coffee pot or crock pot.  

Scan to watch GianiTM  Demo Video

Giani Tips

·       Cans are not filled to top because standardized cans are used.  Adequate volumes are provided to complete 35 SQ.FT.
·       You may lightly sand after your Mineral application and your first Topcoat to optimize smoothness.  Use a #600 grit sand paper and wipe up dust.  See more details on Page 4 –
·       For tips on applying the Topcoat to a large peninsula or island – see Page 3 or watch “Topcoating Tips” video on DVD.
·       See “COLD WEATHER ALERT” when applying Giani™ in the winter time on Page 4
·       Need any assistance?  Call 800-650-5699 M-F 7:00 am – 4 pm CST or email info@GIANIgranite.com

      Share your Giani™ granite creations with us at info@GIANIgranite.com and enjoy the beauty you and Giani™ create in your home!  . . .

A. “Cut sponge into wedge sections…
     Shake out any particles, rinse and dry out.

For countertop
For backsplash face
For backsplash bottom corner

B. “Blot with the ‘spiny side . . .
         Not the flat side…
C. “Sponge on in two foot sections…

A. Start on countertop
B. Then paint bottom of backsplash. Use “Pencil Tip” below or ½” thick artist brush
C. Finish up with backsplash face  
          and countertop edge

    Note – sponge very lightly on  
   these faces to prevent runs

TIP – “Stick the tip of a pencil into a tiny, one inch piece of sponge and
 use it to tap all the Minerals into the bottom corner of your backsplash”.

D.  Lightly tap the sponge onto your countertop

Note – light and thin taps are best – because it’s easy to go back in and add more. Practice your style on the Practice Board.

E. “Apply Giani Paint for Countertops in Sections

  • Apply all three minerals in each two foot section -
  • Build “depth” by going back in and adding light accents after
      your first application of Minerals have dried -

·       The final Mineral goes a long way – so use sparingly and blend in -

·       Special Note - for Bombay Black™ Granite -     You may wish to add the Black Onyx Mineral after the Pearl Mica has dried - because it will create a deeper black granite -

- You may also find that it’s optimal to add the Bronze Mineral after the other colors have dried because it intensifies the Bronze.

·       For veining - lightly paint in veins with a very thin artist brush -  Use the color that will create some contrast with your granite. Apply the veins after your Mineral application has dried – and lightly spot add another color over them to soften. 

More GIANITM Tips . . .

   “How To Achieve the Optimal Topcoat Finish on a Big Kitchen Island!”… Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI7RCAgkpJg

GIANI’s Clear Topcoat is an automotive grade, water-based, Polyurethane that’s engineered to provide a hard protective shell over the beautiful granite you have just created! - 

   The Polyurethane is designed to flow and dry quickly to prevent hair and dust particles from sticking while it’s drying  -  As a result here’s a few tips on how to get optimal coverage on a big kitchen island or a long peninsula -

                      Note – you may also view a Demonstration Video dedicated
                       specifically to top coating a big island labeled “Topcoating Tips” on the included Demo DVD

1.     Turn off any ceiling fans or window fans in the area while you’re applying the Topcoat – and keep them turned off for at least an hour after you’ve finished - because this will allow the Topcoat  to flow and dry at it’s normal pace -    Also close any window shades or blinds if sun rays are directly contacting the countertop surface -

2.     Work efficiently – don’t break for a few minutes in the middle of top coating an island -  because you want each overlapping row to be wet and blend with the previous row –

3.     Always keep your roller wet. - don’t let it get dry.  You’ll need to continuously re-wet your roller in your roller tray.  As soon as it start’s making an “sssssss” sound while you’re rolling it, then that’s indicating its getting too dry – and you’ll need to re-wet your roller in the tray.  The rolling process should almost be soundless.

4.     To begin, roll on one very light coat of topcoat - onto your island’s edges first.

5.     Next, move onto your island, and apply the topcoat in narrow sections that are about the width of two rollers –

6.     After you coat each narrow section – place your roller at the far end of the section  - and lightly “back roll”– in one, long roll. – Then -  lift the roller - and repeat this in the next row.

7.     While you’re “back rolling” - apply a little extra pressure on the “leading end” of your roller because it will inherently reduce the pressure on the lagging end that’s in the wet coating – reducing the roller wake  

8.     Note – any small wakes created by the roller are likely to flow out and dry down smooth as the coating dries -
9      Immediately after you’ve finished topcoating the island’s top – roll back over its side edges – all the way around the island - because this will prevent any runs which may have occurred when rolling the top.  Use very light roll strokes with an almost dry roller on the edges because this will prevent any build-up back on the top - 

10. Note - if you do experience a roller wake mark on the top that doesn’t dry down – or a dry, dull spot -  no problem – let the topcoat dry for eight hours and simply use a very fine #600 grit sand paper – and smooth that area down per the sanding instructions on the next page.  Then, re-topcoat the entire island following the above steps





Watch these Countertop paint veining tips! More to come!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 Best Gift to Give this Christmas! - Yes Granite!

Although Christmas should be about giving, it does not have to be about giving knick-knacks!
You can be the favorite this season by giving a gift of real importance that your family and friends will be thanking you for years to come.  The key to reaching the heart this Holliday is by reaching the home.
With home makeover budgeting becoming harder for the average American, spending over $ 80.00 on a remodeling gift is likely to be impossible. Contrary to popular belief however, gifts of huge value, such as brand new countertops, do exist and at an affordable price! Here is the 2011 scoop on really making an impact on your gift giving but not on your wallet.
#1. Giani Granite Paint Kits for Countertops; Giani Granite Paint kits are a new option for giving “granite” with a much friendlier price tag.
 Because Granite is the 1 choice for today’s countertops, with natural beauty, shine and warmth, it is no wonder it remains the premiere choice.
 “ Giani is a gift,” says Ashley Parker, Giani customer. “I had everyone over for Thanksgiving and they were more enthusiastic about my granite counters that I created than my cooking!”
Everything you need to paint your counters into style comes in one beautiful kit- perfect for wrapping!
Giani Granite Kit Gift Cards are now available at Giani Granite.com

Monday, October 10, 2011

Wal-Mart has Giani Countertop Paint

Counter top paint kits now available at Walmart! Visit link to see store locations. Lets Make Rock!  

Countertop Paint: Kitchen Makeovers!

Affordable mini-makeovers for the holidays

Go "new" with paint!!!!

* Refinish countertops: An overwhelming percentage of U.S. homeowners want granite tops because of their natural elegance, but unfortunately, their huge remodeling commitment and high price result in buyer hesitation. Now you can paint over your outdated countertops with granite paint. Giani Granite provides counter top paint kits that include everything you need to refinish your counters reviving your outdated kitchen. (http://gianigranite.com/).

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Topics March 2011

Preparing for next next set of Blogger Reviews.

Media kit for stores and painters will be getting printed next week :)!!!

Do not Push your roller all the way on and it will roll more smoothly.