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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 Best Gift to Give this Christmas! - Yes Granite!

Although Christmas should be about giving, it does not have to be about giving knick-knacks!
You can be the favorite this season by giving a gift of real importance that your family and friends will be thanking you for years to come.  The key to reaching the heart this Holliday is by reaching the home.
With home makeover budgeting becoming harder for the average American, spending over $ 80.00 on a remodeling gift is likely to be impossible. Contrary to popular belief however, gifts of huge value, such as brand new countertops, do exist and at an affordable price! Here is the 2011 scoop on really making an impact on your gift giving but not on your wallet.
#1. Giani Granite Paint Kits for Countertops; Giani Granite Paint kits are a new option for giving “granite” with a much friendlier price tag.
 Because Granite is the 1 choice for today’s countertops, with natural beauty, shine and warmth, it is no wonder it remains the premiere choice.
 “ Giani is a gift,” says Ashley Parker, Giani customer. “I had everyone over for Thanksgiving and they were more enthusiastic about my granite counters that I created than my cooking!”
Everything you need to paint your counters into style comes in one beautiful kit- perfect for wrapping!
Giani Granite Kit Gift Cards are now available at Giani Granite.com


  1. You should give a gift of real importance to your friends as Eid gifts to Pakistan, they will be thanking you for years to come.

  2. The idea in this blog we can suprised over family and friends by giving them gift as granite means meakover there home like bathrooms, kitches etc its make very different type gift for them.

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  3. Your home looks absolutely gorgeous, I'm very jealous! I can only manage to paint a little table at the moment. You did a great job there.

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